Waters Interior Water Feature


Atriums / foyers

Project Scope:
Cascades / Chutes, Pools / Rills, Jet Fountains, Sculptural / Tiered Fountains

Services Provided:
Design, Display System, Full Water Conditioning, Installation and Maintenance Contract

Contract Value (£):

Mott McDonald

Vinci Construction


Waters is the leading company in their field of Mass Spectrometry which has just completed a new Head Quarters. A £37M purpose built Head, high specification research and development building. With their company name and new building brought about two stunning glass water features. The glass atrium which runs the length of the building was to have two glass water features, elegant in design and to produce wonderful water movement, picking up the sunlight to refract the different water effects. The design had to have different elements of interest. There were a number of challenges. First was to design the water feature to have no splash around the close outside seating. House a comprehensive filtration, chemical dosing, water top up and TDS system, all in a compact area on the end of the water feature. In addition to this the plant equipment had to have virtually no noise. The glass had to be perfectly level to 0.5 mm – one challenge and a half! But we new that if we could achieve this it would be a fantastic advantage for the future of Tills Innovations.


We used two complementing materials, glass and stainless steel. Each of which were designed to have consideration to detail. There needed to be more than one element of water effect, this was provided by the radial water ripples from the 4 bubbling fountains, each of which then merged together. The second detail was the rain effect all around the perimeter. To achieve this many edge profiles were tested at our works to provide the consistent effect without the water running under the glass and to operate with minimal water to stop splash. As part of this solution the installation required the glass to be perfectly level with the use of 0.5mm shims. The sun through the atrium picks out all the water effects and also the beautiful materials and detail. The black lined pool was made perfectly smooth and gives an infinity appearance when you look through the water.

A triumph which a picture does not do it justice.


These water features set off the ambience that is carried through the whole of the atrium. There are various coffee points along the atrium for those that work at the company which the water features give interest when making a drink or while strolling past to the different departments.

With this being their Head Quarters, it is visited by many prestigious clients and as always first impressions last. The water features enforce the high quality, high precision and leading work in their field.

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