Commercial Water Features, Design & Installation

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Tills Innovations are commercial water feature specialists, offering design and installation of water features and fountains.

At a time when an increasing emphasis is being placed on the need to create a welcoming ambience in the Work, Study or Urban Space environment for the benefit of employees, students and the general public, whilst also seeking out opportunities to elicit a favorable impression from visitors to a company’s headquarters, so the desire to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the commercial landscape is growing.

Tills Innovations prides itself as an exciting innovative company that strives to provide the future of bespoke water feature and fountain design with dynamic specialist solutions to all specifications. The creation of totally inspirational water features, water sculpture and water fountain displays using a broad array of materials to the highest specification and finish has been the backbone of Tills Innovations Success. This allows truly amazing bespoke water features to be created in many environments including Private Gardens, Commercial company premises, Urban Open Spaces, Leisure & Retail developments, covering both interior & external water features & fountains.

Technical expertise in materials, water chemistry and hydraulics enables Tills Innovations to offer a diverse range of skills including innovative CAD, manufacturing, installation skills providing a complete turnkey service.

These factors are the key drivers influencing the dramatic surge of interest in our specialist service.

To see how we look after our customers from the start to end please view our Concept to Installation Page.

Heath and Safety is an important part of our service and needs to be considered carefully.

Tills Innovations offer different solutions to meet different degrees of maintenance and levels of risk management. Our installation systems range from more frequent manual maintenance regimes to automated water conditioning systems requiring little maintenance and higher levels of health and safety risk management. Utilizing our maintenance contract services with our automated systems the water feature can be operated with little or no maintenance and a simple monitoring program.

It is important to us that you understand the various water conditioning systems we offer and how they differ from other water feature companies. We provide options which come with different prices and advantages. We believe Tills Innovations are the only water feature specialist in the UK to offer our comprehensive water conditioning systems at the prices we offer.

For a feel of the materials and designs we can provide, please view our project Gallery page. Our Work

Designs Include:

  • Water Walls & Sculpture
  • Mirror and Reflection Water Pools
  • Ripple Water Features
  • Monolithic Fountains
  • Animated Fountains to Streams
  • Lakes and Koi Ponds

Design Materials Include:

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Steels Mirrors
  • Plastics
  • Recycled Products

For a full understanding of how we look after our customers from the start to end, please see our Concept to Installation services page.

For a feel of the materials and designs we can provide, please see our project Gallery page.

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Clients include

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