London Fashion Week Huge Success

What a night! - A huge success for all those involved and so much pride in seeing AquaVeil® play a big part in this.

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Announcement Gent London and Aquaveil VIP Runway Event

BIG NEWS! For the first time, we are over the moon to be involved in London Fashion Week with Gent London … Their VIP…

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Recycling and the quality of AquaVeil®

Did you know stainless steel is 100% recyclable? Not only is The Aquaveil made from 60% recycled materials, but 99% of…

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AquaVeil® goes to Jersey

To our delight AquaVeil® has travelled across the water and been part of an interior project in Jersey. Working…

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Tills lead the way in Unique, high-quality, affordable water sculptures

For 22 years Tills Innovations have led the way in designing and installing high end bespoke water features for the…

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Water Features: Materials

As explained in other articles we have written, the skill a water feature specialist must possess is understanding the…

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Water Features: Adding and Removing Water

Interestingly a water feature design is only as good as its weakest link, and although you may think you’ve considered…

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Water Features: Contemporary or Traditional Designs

When Tills Innovations first started over 20 years ago, the majority of water features and fountains were traditional…

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Water Features: It’s only water isn’t it?

After 20 years of experimenting, testing, designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing water features, there’s…

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Clients include

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