About Tills Innovations – UK Water Feature Specialists

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About Tills Innovations – UK Water Feature Specialists

During the restoration of Mike's 200-year-old cottage, brothers Mike and Steve faced a predicament. They needed a garden focal point but lacked suitable suppliers.

Mike, having decided on a water feature, wanted something to suit the character of the grounds. Something natural yet contemporary. But the market offered quality concerns, uninspiring ideas, and many required too much maintenance.

Unimpressed with their options, the brothers decided to tackle the challenge themselves. And soon after, in 2000, Tills Innovations was born.

Steve, from a Mechanical engineering background, and Mike, from an Electrical & Mechanical engineering background, together created the water feature they needed. Family and friends loved it. Word spread. And soon, others wanted one similar for themselves.

We quickly found ourselves with a handful of commissions to make additional features based on the original theme. This was the 'penny drop' moment for us. We wanted to create water features for others and enjoyed doing so.

Steve's creative prowess comes from his experience diagnosing problems and designing, manufacturing and implementing finished solutions across many industries. Steve continues to push Tills Innovations to increasingly complex projects – with amazing results.

Mike spent seven years working for the world-leading manufacturer of advanced Turbine Compressor and power generation control safety systems. Those years provided an excellent experience for turning ideas into technical reality. Mike now works in commercial sales and managerial positions. He continues to use his creative design skills to help clients bring their artistic vision to life.

Now, 23 years later, Tills Innovations has helped hundreds of commercial and residential landscapers, garden designers, architects, construction companies and property owners create water features that not only wow those who see them but provide peace of mind for the designer and client.

We've completed lots of wonderful bespoke water features projects, but we're really proud to share The Specular, The Volute and AquaVeil. They embody everything we stand for - a unique, eye-catching design, dependable quality and lots of natural charm. We hope to continue building on the reputation that's got us to where we are today.

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It is the most amazing piece I have ever purchased. This is better than what I had expected and really has the WOW factor. I want to thank Mike and Steve for the professional service that they provided throughout.

– Ashwin Bedi

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