Holford Road Water Wall


Private Renovation

Project Scope:
Design & Build Multi Floor Water Feature

Services Provided:
Design concept, water wall engineering including chemical dosing, water filtration and water top up

Contract Value (£):

Zac Monro Architects

Cubitt Theobald


This five-storey property was renovated through Grand Designs featured Zach Monro Architects. With split levels, minimal framed huge open expanses of glass and the highest level of detail it was a challenge that Tills Innovations relishes.

The water feature needed to be simple, elegant and subtly connecting the levels of the building. The water feature was to be integrated into the property and reference the minimal design of the striking window framing.


A water feature over 7m high was recessed into the wall, the mirror rolling water wave travels from level three into the basement swimming and spa area. The channel of water is minimal at only 100mm and reflects the minimal framing of the buildings large expanses of glass. Using mirrored steel the rolling wave of water creates different and changing patterns as it disappears into a small discrete catchment tank.

To keep the water feature looking at its best and condition the water one of Tills Innovations full water conditioning systems was employed. This was installed within the swimming pool plant room to enable easy access. The system has filtration, automatic chemical dosing, water top up and a total dissolved solids reduction system.

To take full advantage of the system Tills provide a full maintenance programme. The client carries out minimal maintenance which is more or less a checking procedure and our visits provide the servicing of the various equipment plus the cleaning of the architectural feature itself.


It links the levels of the building in a simple way by creating a focal point of interest by the use of moving water with ever changing pattens that can be seen evolving as you travel through the house. 

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