Water Feature Maintenance

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There are very important elements to our bespoke packages that are outside the physical water feature its self. Clients often believe the water feature will look after its self which it doesn’t and can give rise to problems after the project completion. This is where a good water feature and fountain design excels. It’s also where Tills Innovations as water feature specialists excel. We do not believe in designing a water feature or fountain, whether its internal or within a garden setting that after the day of switch on is difficult to maintain and deteriorates. We take pride in creating a beautiful bespoke design that has the technical engineering to ensure the water feature continues to look at its best after completion. A specifically written manual is produced after completion of the water feature commissioning

With Legionnaires Disease proving an on-going concern in relation to water features we offer various options on effective disinfection dosing systems and particle filtration to different levels of both maintenance and health & safety.

Once installed, it is important for clients to continue to reap the benefits of their investment by ensuring the feature always looks at its best as well as maintaining a safe environment for anyone who comes into contact with it.

In the interest of helping you retain a lasting and positive business relationship with your valued clients, we also offer a comprehensive maintenance service. your clients look after the day to day operation and maintenance and we then carry out a 3 month thorough overhaul, bringing it back to new.

As part of our company ethos we believe in supporting our customers in all these areas by supplying equipment, chemicals as well as informed general support over the phone.

Clients include

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