Quality water features and fountains.
Down to the last drop.

Luxury commissioned and non-commissioned water features for high-end residential and commercial spaces.

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23 years helping garden designers, the general public, architects and landscapers share their artistic vision.

It is the most amazing piece I have ever purchased. This is better than what I had expected and really has the WOW factor. I want to thank Mike and Steve for the professional service that they provided throughout.

– Ashwin Bedi

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It’s not what you say. It’s what they see.

The Specular™

Relax to the soothing sounds of water trickling over the infinity flute edge. The Specular’s crystal-clear reflections draws attention from all angles, making it a beautiful addition in any space.

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The Volute™

Immerse yourself in nature's seldom-seen phenomenon. The Volute's vortex pulses behind a shimmering glass-like wave of water. It’s a captivating display in any contemporary garden or interior.

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Echoing nature’s waterfall, the AquaVeil is a seamless, free-standing wall of water. It’s a truly magnificent addition to any environment that can be fully customised to suit your vision.

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Bespoke Water Features

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind water feature, sculpture or fountain, reach out with an idea, and we'll assist you. These are most often - but not limited to - gardens, properties or urban environments.

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Impress. Continually

Luxury, low maintenance water features and fountains that wow for years on end. Every water feature – commissioned and non-commissioned – is made in the UK.

It brings a real sense of grandeur to the space as customers are greeted by a towering wall of water. The presence of the AquaVeil adds to the overall experience for my customers; it gives them a talking point, something to photograph and share.

– Mahboob Hussain

It's got our name on it

Your standards are high. Ours are arguably higher. If we're putting our family name on a water feature or fountain, rest assured you’re getting something we're proud to share. And something we know will last.

Both commissioned and non-commissioned pieces are made to order. And they come with the build quality and personable service that has built the reputation Tills Innovations proudly holds today.

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The look of it provides a fantastic calm feel to the garden, we have it on most evenings as its just lovely to see in the background. Brilliant service from start to finish, absolute perfectionists!

– Jen

Bring your vision to reality

Enjoy a personal service from start to finish to and bring your water feature vision to life

To get started, or ask a no-obligation question, contact us now. We'd be happy to help you - whatever your idea.

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Clients include

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