Water Feature & Fountain Products

Luxury water feature products to enhance any garden or interior space.

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After 20+ years of exploring the visual effects of water, Mike and Steve have created sculptures enjoyed all over the world.

And whilst Tills Innovations is best known for their bespoke water features in residential and commercial installations, certain pieces have attracted so much interest they are now offered as non-commissioned, self-contained pieces.

Encapsulating declining crafts, fine art techniques and more, their products bring design diversity and charm to every environment.

The Specular™

Relax and admire the Specular’s crystal-clear scenery reflections. Soak up the tranquil sounds as the water flows and spills over the infinity edge of the bowl and travels on an intriguing journey. A stunning water feature wherever it sits.

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The Volute™

A mesmerising and seldom-seen effect of nature. The Volute's ever-changing vortex pulses behind a shimmering wave of glass-like water. It's a stand-out and captivating display in any garden or interior.

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The Rill Amaya™

Redefine your garden or outdoor space with the Rill Amaya. A beautiful stand alone focal piece or a long rill to disect your garden, frame your patio, lawn or terrace. Fountains create elegant water patterns reflecting off the surface, spilling over the infinity edge producing relaxing sounds.

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The Irus™

Immerse yourself in the Irus™ our captivating water wall. With its tranquil waves and custom design, Irus transforms any space into a haven of relaxation. Relax as it creates unique water patterns, each gently gliding over the surface. Choose from various options and let Irus redefine calm in your space.

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Echoing nature’s waterfall, the AquaVeil is a seamless, free-standing wall of water. It’s a truly magnificent addition to any setting that can be customised to suit your vision. Guaranteed to impress any passerby.

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Bespoke Water Features

If you're looking for something truly unique, you can reach out with an idea or question, and we'll assist you. This can be water features, sculptures or fountains for gardens, properties or urban environments.

All bespoke products are of the same high quality that has built Tills Innovations' long-standing reputation.

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