Residential Water Features, Design and Installation

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Water Features and Fountains; Designs and Installations

There has been a continued explosion of growth in the domestic landscaping and water feature sector, as clients look to transform their garden into an outdoor room which represents a genuine extension of their indoor living space- whilst adding value to their property investment.

With the design of gardens and houses being evermore unique, the exciting new trend has been the open-minded use of water features within side the property where once it was only garden water features that were considered. Not only which rooms can benefit from water features but also how they are integrated within the property itself or the garden landscaping. These factors are some of the key drivers influencing the dramatic surge of interest in our unique water features and the specialist service we provide.

With our diverse expertise in different materials, hydraulic engineering, water chemistry and understanding water dynamics enables Tills Innovations to offer huge flexibility in the designs they can offer, ultimately fulfilling our clients’ aspirations.

The image shown here is our black mirror water wall with black dye system, giving a contemporary water feature design, whilst easy to maintain.

Designs include mirror pools and rills to garden water walls and fountains.

We are able to offer bespoke water features using a combination of stone, glass, metals and plastics. Through our design process utilizing our knowledge of water dynamics we create the best effects, longevity and ensure the water feature is safe in its environment.

Through our design process with the client we may start and evolve from a previously created design, but it’s important to note that every time a water feature is designed, its size, shape and environment changes along with the water dynamics. For instance to make a water feature larger you don’t simply increase its size in all proportions, the effect could be totally detrimental to the water feature. We treat every project as a one off tailored for you.

For a full understanding of how we look after our customers from the start to end, please see our Concept to Installation services page.

For a feel of the materials and designs we can provide, please see our project Gallery page.

Every water feature is bespoke – Designed, Manufactured and Installed to your particular project requirements.

Clients include

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