Wynyard Hall Rills and Cascades

Wynyard Hall


Project Scope:
Creation of a new rose garden and visitors centre.

Services Provided:
Design, supply and installation of multiple water displays

Contract Value (£):

Alistair Baldwin Associates



Sir John Hall wanted to bring to life his vision of a new public Rose Garden at Wynyard Hall, a flagship luxury hotel in the Tees Valle. The two acre Rose Garden with influences of Roman courtyards and bold raised beds called for a strong architectural water feature, which didn’t simply add water as a focal point, but was intertwined into the garden design, embracing the water element and being part of the gardens structure. The challenge was to deliver the artistic design by Alistair Baldwin Associates into a site with multiple complex levels incorporating a large system infrastructure to operate and maintain the water features and fountains without compromising the detail of the garden.


A lot of hard work!. Planning was key to ensure the pipe work systems and plant rooms were constructed at strategic points within the build of the garden. A phased installation which was defined by the multiple levels within the garden ensured a robust solution could be implemented at the same time as the hard landscaping and planting was being completed.

The design incorporates two large rills which have rippling water over pebbles that cascade over the levels within the garden before subtly disappearing into the ground. The source of the rills being two square above ground pools, which pour water into the rills for their journey. To add a little more excitement, height and energy to the garden, central fountains are situated within each of the pools.

As you meander through the gardens interlinking pathways you are greeted by further circular pools with elegant fountains.


The water features form an important element to the garden. The bold lines of the rills, pools and each of the cascades dissect the garden and provide movement of meandering water, guiding your eye though the landscape. Each part of the water features and fountains giving an opportunity to sit and relax and enjoy the garden with the subtle sound of water.

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