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New Product

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Self-contained water sculpture

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Following the success of the Specularwater sculpture, the challenge was to offer a completely different looking water feature, to suit different environments, but with all the benefits that our other products offer.


The solution and key design considerations for the water sculpture were high quality materials, easy to install, and something that was unique. All at the lower end of the price market.

We had developed a unique water feature a few years ago called The Volute, which still continues to have huge interest, even after we removed it from our portfolio due to manufacturing technicalities. With the drive from our customers to bring this back and meeting all the requirements that the challenge possessed, it was clearly the solution.

It took over a year to carry out the R&D required to meet some very specific requirements, not only for the aesthetics but for the Volute body itself.


We are thrilled to be bring back The Volutewater sculpture, one of our much loved water features, not only by our customers but also by the team here at Tills. Its such a unique water feature and a real talking point. The benefits of this water feature tick all the boxes required for a high quality, unique water feature which is easy to install at a price point our designers, architects and private clients have been persistently requesting.

In addition, it also meets our other challenge, of a water sculpture which is different to the other water feature products in our portfolio. This sculpture clearly is contemporary, with its crystal clear water and aircore vortex and being so energetic both in appearance and sound.

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