The Specular™

The mirror-like water feature that creates a natural tranquillity in every space.

Polished. To A Diamond Finish.

The Specular's beautiful sculptural form effortlessly creates a sense of awe. Relax as the water flows and trickles over the bowls infinity edge and into the bronze central flute, calming every space.


Its not about mass production, it’s a work of art. Made by skilled craftsmen, here in the UK.

Intriguing focal point

The seamless merge of structure, water and light through the beauty of the bowls patina captivates all viewers.


Ever-cleaning reflection

The picture-perfect reflections of the sky and surrounding scenery stay crystal clear all day.

Easy to install and maintain

Everything you need is supplied and self-contained. Simply fill the water feature with a garden hose. Detailed instructions are provided.


Peace of mind

If the water level in your sculpture becomes too low, the level switch cuts off the pump automatically.

Rare craftmanship

The Specular™ water sculpture uses rare and declining crafts in the UK. Only a select few have the skill for the delicate manual operation required.


Grows in individuality

Depending on your garden setting, light availability and time-in-garden, your Specular™ water feature ages gracefully, becoming more individual to you.

Peaceful sounds

Up against the bowl, the sound registers at 58 dB. 1m from the bowl, 55 dB and 2m from the bowl, 52 dB.


Always unique

Patination fluids are applied by hand to each bowl, creating a unique finish to each Specular.

Installation Options

So you can best complement your garden or interior, install the water feature in 1 of 3 configurations.

buried water feature reservoir
Bronze bowl water feature
Half in-ground*
self contained bowl water feature
Out of ground*

* Reservoir cladding or painting option required.

Finish options

To best suit your vision, pick from one of the following finishes:

traditional garden water feature
Verdigris Bowl, Verdigris Flute
Bowl garden water feature in aged bronze patina
Verdigris Bowl, Aged Bronze Flute
brown bowl green flute specular garden water feature
Aged Bronze Bowl, Verdigris Flute
Bronze bowl water sculpture
Aged Bronze Bowl, Aged Bronze Flute

Installation process

  • The Specular™ comes completely ready to install in your garden. It's easy.

  • Generally, all you need is a concrete foundation and a power connection.

  • Adjust the levelling system, fill with water and turn it on. You can then sit back and enjoy.

  • We provide more detailed instructions upon order.


  • The Specular's™ self-contained design means generally, maintenance is low.

  • You will need to top up the water periodically due to evaporation. A hose or bucket is fine.

  • Infrequently, you can wipe the inside of the bowl, drain the water and refill.

Technical drawings

For technical drawings, view or download them here.

Make your space one-of-a-kind


The Specular's™ Price is £6,995.00 (ex. VAT) including all packing and delivery charges.


Typically, lead times are 6 weeks but we confirm upon ordering. As with every order, it’s handmade for you.

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