The Specular

The perfect addition to a range of garden settings

The Specular brings a sound of tranquillity as the water flows and spills into the water below, with the central flute adding another dimension, increasing the volume of this subtle sound, not much, but enough so you can enjoy while passing or sitting nearby. The inner surface of the bowl has a black painted surface which produces depth to the water, focusing you on the surface reflections.

Over 20 years of passion exploring the visual effects of water on sculptural form has taken Mike and Steve on a journey of design diversity and discovery which has been the foundation of their work and is enjoyed all over the UK and overseas.

Whilst Tills Innovations is well known for their bespoke work in residential and commercial installations, certain pieces of their work have attracted so much interest that they are now offered as non commissioned pieces, one of which is The Specular.

The joy of this water sculpture is the amalgamation of structure, water and light through the beauty of a bronze finish. There’s also a hidden interest in the journey that every Specular goes through.

With a precise design, water fills the bronze patina hemisphere and spills over the infinity edge of the flute mouth, producing an ever cleaning mirror, with crystal clear reflections of the sky and surrounding higher scenery, creating a tranquil piece.

The Specular comes complete ready to install in your garden. Detailed instructions are provided with the sculpture, but generally all you need is a concrete foundation and a power connection, fill with water, turn on and enjoy!

As Specular is designed and made by Tills Innovations, you have peace of mind that not only is it beautiful, its designed to last and easy to maintain. It’s a self-contained design, so you simply fill with water and it recycles, with topping up simply by hose or buckets when lost through evaporation. Periodically you can wipe the inside of the bowl and less often you can drain and refill, that’s it!

Price £5,500.00
Ex VAT plus packing and delivery

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The Journey of The Specular

This sculpture is not about mass production it’s a work of art, with each piece going through various stages of highly skilled craftsmen to produce this beautiful water sculpture.

The Specular is bringing together crafts, some of which are rare and in decline the UK. The bowl and flute are created by a process called spinning, which is very specialist and a wonder to see. There are few companies still within the UK offering this manual operation, with the industry in decline.

Every Specular starts with a stainless steel bowl and solid bronze flute, which is then transported across the UK to have surface preparation applied to the bowl, followed by another specialist company, again a fine art, adding real bronze to the outside of the bowl and the black finish on the inside before finally being delivered to Tills Innovations, where a transformation takes place. Patination fluids are slowly applied by hand and the unique finish of your Specular is created, with every one being slightly different.

The journey does not stop with Tills Innovations, as once installed, The Specular carries on aging, and depending on your setting, length of time installed, will be come even more unique to you.

Various other components, including the stainless steel reservoir are designed in house by our CAD engineers and with laser cutting, forming and welding are manufactured and delivered to our works.

The final stages incorporate various equipment and assemblies to produce the final The Specular water sculpture, including pump, solvent welded pipe work and level switch to cut off the pump if the water level becomes too low.

Installation Configurations

in-ground option
half in-ground option
Half in-ground

Reservoir cladding or painting option required.

out-of-ground option
Out of ground

Reservoir cladding or painting option required.

Finish Options

Green bowl, green flute
Green bowl, brown flute
Brown bowl, green flute
Brown bowl, brown flute
Brown bowl, brown flute

Bespoke Designs

Whilst The Specular is a standard design, the heritage of Tills Innovations means we can offer bespoke pieces where the standard is not suitable and the budget allows for a more tailored piece.

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