The Volute™

The unique vortex water sculpture that draws attention from every angle.

A crystal waterfall

The Volute™ captures nature's mesmerising vortex phenomenon. With ever-changing pulses, the shimmering wave of water appears as one, viewable from every angle. Perfect for background sound, calming your space.

Even when you see it, you won't believe it

Captures attention

The large 600mm diameter, 600mm high vortex, makes the Volute™ a stand out focal point for any garden or interior. 


Consistently crystal-clear

The Volute™ has an integrated fine filter that polishes the water to a crystal quality. Critical for such an enticing vortex appearance.

Long-term peace of mind

As with all Tills Innovation products, The Volute™ is built to last. The integrated low water level cut off switch will turn off the pump if water is too low.


Easy installation

Everything you need is supplied and self-contained. (Although the decorative stone is separate). We provide detailed information upon order.

Integral self-levelling system

Within the water feature is a specifically designed heavy-duty fine adjustment levelling system. Eliminating the hard work for you.


Low Energy

The self-contained system comes with a high quality, energy efficient pump, keeping your running costs low.

Installation freedom

The reservoir can be above or below ground, with no external finish as standard and optional painted side panels when above ground.


Minimal cleaning frequency

The self-contained system also comes with a ready-fitted large commercial-style filter. Meaning cleaning frequency – like maintenance – is low.

Installation options

So you can best complement your garden or interior, choose from 1 of 3 configuration options.

Half in-ground*
Out of ground*

* Note: Reservoir has no external finish as standard, suitable to bury, with optional painted side panels.

Installation process

  • The Volute's™ self-contained design means installation is easy.
  • Generally, all you need is a concrete foundation and a power connection. The self-levelling system means you can then simply fill it with water, turn it on and enjoy.
  • We provide detailed instructions upon order.


  • Generally, maintenance is low.
  • You will need to top up the water periodically due to evaporation. A hose or bucket is fine.
  • Add the water condition chemicals (supplied) to help keep the water crystal clear.
  • Clean the filter occasionally. You have easy access to this in every configuration.
  • Infrequently, you can drain the water and refill.

Technical drawings

For technical drawings, view or download them here.

Make your space one-of-a-kind


The Volute™ Price is £5,740.00 (ex. VAT) including all packing and delivery charges.

Typically, lead times are 6 weeks but we confirm upon ordering. As with every order, it’s handmade for you.

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