A seamless, free-standing wall of water with a striking embossed water effect.

Wow with every drop

An arching frame that elegantly pushes water forward to create a one-of-a-kind waterfall effect. Fully customisable to suit your vision. It's an eye-catching addition to any setting.

Create your waterfall

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Like a waterfall. Unlike any waterfall.

A mesmerising effect

Echoing one of nature's wonders, the AquaVeil® guides water down a mesh to create a striking embossed water effect.

Seamless, free-standing design

The AquaVeil®’s visual impact is magnified by its unique free-standing design.

Modular System

AquaVeil®’s cleverly designed modular system allows installations in tight access locations.

Fully customisable

From private gardens to hotel lobbies, you can create your AquaVeil® however you want.

Made for you

Every AquaVeil® is tailor-made to your requirements.

From private buyers looking for a decorative indoor water feature or focal point for their garden to restaurants and hotels seeking a large-scale feature to wow their guests, the AquaVeil® can be tailored to any space.

Due to the flexibility of the metal mesh, the AquaVeil® water wall can also be crafted into a curved feature, moulding itself to the shape of your walls and spaces. Or, if you like, it can form a free-standing circular structure.

Discover more about the AquaVeil

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