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Water Features: It’s only water isn’t it?

is it water

After 20 years of experimenting, testing, designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing water features, there’s always something that surprises us and we’re always learning.

We drink it, wash with it and 70% of the world is covered with it. We take it for granted, but water is very complex. Water features and fountains, if correctly designed need to consider water on multiple levels. The main two levels are controlling water for its effect and sound, and maintaining the quality of the water with the substrate it comes into contact with. The forma needing an understanding of the fluid dynamics, and the other being water chemistry. The trick with water features is to ensure both are addressed economically within the perceived commercial value of the water feature, and the aspiration that the client has on the look of the water feature, which is equally important in the long term. This will be covered in another topic in the future.

Tills Innovations Ltd water features, including the AquaVeil® Water Wall comes from 20 years of knowledge. As water feature specialists, our expertise is to listen to our clients’ design aspirations, and where budget costs are provided, picture all of the elements outlined in this article in a way that uses water to offer the best designs and addresses these considerations within agreed costs.

It’s the skill of understanding the complexity of water and its needs with the considerations that vary in different situations that requires a water feature specialist like ourselves. Water features and fountains are a beauty and wonder in many settings and can bring so many wonderful different dimensions to gardens, landscapes and buildings. Unfortunately they sometimes receive an unfair opinion, and that’s simply due to the delivery of designs without the lack of knowledge, expertise and respect that water requires.

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