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Water Features for Wellbeing: Innovative Water Wall offers new way to boost ambiance of public spaces

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Tills Innovations Ltd, one of the UK’s leading water feature specialists, has launched a new style of water wall, the AquaVeil® offering an innovative way to create an atmosphere of relaxation, and boost people’s wellbeing when they are in urban settings.

While much research has been conducted into the benefits of green spaces in supporting psychological wellbeing, it is also thought that water features have the ability to lower people’s stress levels and boost their mood.

The AquaVeil®, which can be tailor-made to any size or shape, has a mesmerising waterfall-like design – the water flows over an architectural wall of metal mesh, appearing to cascade seamlessly through the air, creating an embossed water effect. The AquaVeil® is suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor settings – whether it’s a peaceful addition to a building’s reception, or a grand piece of public art in a public courtyard. The water wall can be positioned against a wall, integrated into the wall, draped floor to ceiling, or even shaped to the curvature of a building or space.

Due to the translucency of the water feature’s metal mesh, wherever it is installed, lighting in the space will not be greatly diminished. In addition, the design of the AquaVeil® allows for a tailored lighting system to be included in the top and bottom of the feature, meaning the water effect can be experienced during both the day and night.

Mike Tillett, Director, Tills Innovations Ltd, comments: “Since my brother and I founded Tills Innovations Ltd over 20 years ago, we have been driven to make a long-lasting contribution to water feature design; striving for flair, creativity and individuality in all we do. Whether it’s a smaller feature in a private garden, or a large piece in a public space, water features have an incredible way of helping us to let go of stress and relax. The wellbeing benefits of water features owe to a combination of factors which work together to engage our senses, such as the sound of flowing water and the visual impact of the feature’s design. These are all elements we have considered when creating the AquaVeil®.

“We believe that every AquaVeil® is a refined work of art, and, like an extraordinary painting or sculpture, the bespoke water wall enhances its surroundings, creating an indescribable feeling for all those who experience it. We can’t wait to see all of the innovative uses for the water feature in public buildings and spaces across the UK and further afield.”

The AquaVeil® has been carefully designed to not only look beautiful, but to incorporate engineered solutions which enable straightforward and effective aftercare of the water wall. This includes an advanced filtration system, specially-created water treatment solutions, and options for automatic water top up and drain down for maintenance. In addition, due to the foldable nature of the metal mesh, the AquaVeil® can be easily transported, and large features can be installed in tight-access locations.The AquaVeil® is categorised into three styles, each of which can be tailored to different spaces: The Enigma, The Paradox, and The Quantum.

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