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Recycling and the quality of AquaVeil®

Did you know stainless steel is 100% recyclable?

Not only is The Aquaveil made from 60% recycled materials, but 99% of the water feature is made from stainless steel. It is only the pump system and lights that are not. Being made of this additionally means the water feature has a long life span, which is also extended by the incorporated aftercare, including an advanced filtration system and specially-created water treatment solutions. Today, it's important for companies such as ours to save and preserve our world in the running of our businesses. We strive to cut down our carbon emissions were possible.The Aquaveil is self-contained which means it recycles the same water, the lights are LED driven by an efficient lighting driver, and the pump is designed to be energy efficient.

When having The Aquaveil installed into your home or garden, you may be concerned about what will happen if you decide to move home. The water feature is modular so it can be simply taken apart and moved into a new property. The Aquaveil being installed in parts also means it can be completed in one visit which minimises the time spent on the installation, and reduces the carbon footprint of travelling.

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