Waters Exterior Water Feature


Atriums / foyers

Project Scope:
Cascades / Chutes, Water Walls

Services Provided:
Site Survey, Consultancy, Design, Water Conditioning, Water Display System and Complete Installation / Commissioning and Maintenance

Contract Value (£):

Mott McDonald

Vinci Construction


Waters is the leading company in their field of Mass Spectrometry and has just completed building a new Head Quarters in Wilmslow. A £37M purpose built , high specification research and development building. With their company name and new building brought about an impressive large stainless steel water wall. The water wall needed to be a striking effect that welcomed customers and staff alike as well as provide the company name and strap line.


A large 7.5m wide x 3m tall stainless steel water wall was designed and built in sections off site. The water effect was set up using our baffle injection system and an inverter pump so we could control the water perfectly and at the same time operate the wall as efficiently as possible.

One of the triumphs’ was the 3D lettering. This was all laser cut to the specific company font and then coated with a chemically inert black paint. The rolling water wave flows down the stainless steel water wall behind the lettering to make the words ‘levitate’ giving a unique enforcement of the name and at the same time enhance the look and quality of the feature.

A comprehensive water conditioning system including filtration, chemical dosing, water top up and TDS system. The plant equipment was all housed in a separate plant chamber 15m away. This enabled easy safe maintenance to be carried out without removal of the water wall panels.


The water features provide a dramatic focal point that draws you to the entrance, giving interesting movement, branding and enforcement of the high quality, high precision and leading work in their field.

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