Grantley Hall Hotel & Spa Fountains & Rill

Grantley Hall

Hotel & Leisure

Project Scope:
Design & Build Fountains & Rill

Services Provided:
Rill design, octagonal pool fountain engineering, water treatment including chemical dosing, filtration.

Contract Value (£):

Alastair Baldwin Associates



In essence, Tills Innovations had to create the water effect without seeing how it is being created. With all our water features there needs to be fountain & water treatment plant equipment, which are implemented with systems to enable the operator to maintain the water feature, along with various interconnecting pipe work. The challenge was to deliver an end result where you only see the water and elegant brass fountain nozzles without compromising how it is serviced and maintained.


The approach was to break down all the elements of the design, analyse them and make them dissapear into the ground or water feature construction, and if not they were very discretely hidden within the water feature.

Clever choices of materials, colours and where required bespoke parts were manufactored so anything inside the octagonal pool blended into the background, giving full enjoyment to the visual effect of the fountains and mesmerising meadering water as it flowed dow the rill.


It added structure to the garden, but what we love about water features, they give movement, sound and capture light like no other.

Grantley Hall is a 17th century Grade II-listed mansion near Ripon, which is to be converted into one of the leading country house hotels in the UK. As part of the development, exquisite formal gardens are to be created with a Rill, pool and fountains.

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