AquaVeil® Water Wall

Royal Nawaab


Project Scope:
Design, manufacture and installation of Enigma style AquaVeil® water wall

Services Provided:
Consultation of the AquaVeil® Product, detailed design, manufacture and installation

Contract Value (£):


Direct with client


A large dramatic focal point within the foyer of a listed building. The huge height of the entrance demanded a large water feature that could meet the scale of the space and provide maximum impact. The water wall needed to offer something different that visitors would not have seen before - not the normal traditional stainless steel water wall.

With a floor to ceiling height of nearly 8m high, this is a very tall water wall, which with accessibility into the building though standard pedestrian doors, meant a huge water wall need to be brought though a very tight access. To deliver a high spec finish to the expectations of the client, the water wall could not have any joins in the material. The end result had to be a neat free flowing water wall.


The solution was our AquaVeil® Water Wall. The AquaVeil has an extraordinary water effect like nothing else we have created or seen over the last 20 years. The 3d embossed water effect is vivid and mesmerising and has the effect of stopping a conversation dead in its tracks.

Whilst the effect is stunning and unique, its the ability to create the water wall at any size without joins that makes it equally appealing. The flexible nature of the material and mechano set design means all parts can easily be moved through the pedestrian door and assembled in position.

The mesmerising way the water flows down the veil is embellished through a unique water fall effect, which is delivered by the way the veil is off set to the buildings wall, giving a truly water flowing through the air effect.

The AquaVeil® has a bespoke lighting product, specifically developed for AquaVeil® to take the full advantage of the water pattern. A filtration system with aftercare pack ensures the customer can maintain the water quality and H&S of the water feature.

Video:  Watch Case Study Video


After 22 years of creating water features we are pleased to offer a standard product design which delights our customers every time we turn on the AquaVeil®. The theatre effect that the space now produces brings in customers, and is a talking point for those who visit and has enjoyed many pictures of friends and family standing in front of it. A true triumph for Tills, AquaVeil® and our client.

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