Advanced Manufacture Building Dry Plaza & Scrim

Rolls Royce

Research & Development

Project Scope:
Design & Build Animated Dry Plaza Style Fountains & Scrim

Services Provided:
Design concept, fountain engineering & animation, lighting, water treatment including chemical dosing, filtration.

Contract Value (£):


GF Tomlinson Construction


The design had to be different. Had to have consideration and appreciation to the architecture of the building. Had to invoke interest and build upon the spirit of advancing technology.


Taking the tapered design of the buildings foot print, the fountain was designed to extend this shape forward into the approach to the building. By using scrim design, the 'wet area' was able to reflect and extend the shape of the building.

A wind anemometer and frost sensor was fitted to the building and taken into the PLC for monitoring and control of the fountain heights. For enhanced protection and redundancy, dry run switches to protect pumps and redundancy switching for water top up.

Remote telemetry access enabled our offices to take full control of the control panel, as if we were on site, such as filtration pressure, pump temperatures, chemical dosing levels, wind speed, animation control, fountain and lighting schedules.

To simplify operator duties, a front screen provides a simple overview of the system operation giving servicing requirements and alarms.


The Advanced Manufacturing Building is prominently positioned in a busy area with lots of passing footfall. The impressive architecture of the building and the animated water feature at the entrance enhances the university profile as one of the top universities in the world.

With remote telemetry access, extra equipment protection and redundancy makes operator duties easier to manage, lowering H&S risks, reducing any water feature down time, call outs and running costs.

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