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AquaVeil ® Water Wall

A new style of water feature, the AquaVeil® has a stunning waterfall-like effect. Flowing over a unique wall of metal mesh, water appears to cascade seamlessly through the air. No fuss, just effect.

Perfect for small intimate spaces, and large open areas – indoors or outdoors – the AquaVeil® can be tailor made to any size, and can also be shaped to the curvature of your building or space.

The AquaVeil®’s design allows for a tailored lighting system to be included in the top and bottom of the water wall, meaning the striking embossed water effect can be experienced during both night and day.





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Other water Walls:

Shown below are other Water Walls which Tills Innovations Ltd have designed and installed over the last 20 years, which are older styles which have now been superseded by AquaVeil®, shown above.

Tills Innovations Waters exterior water feature    Tills Innovations Grand Jersey Hotel project

These water walls using stainless steel are variants on the same design. The first image using lazer cut stainless steel with a black finish to produce 3D lettering and the second image has a water wall, again in stainless steel with a flat graphic. Both water wall designs are installed by Tills Innovations.

bespoke outdoor water fountains Bury St Edmunds    Stainless Steel Obelisk Water Sculpture

Water walls are not always flat, we can produce many different shapes, all of which have the beautiful rolling water wave. Materials can be in stainless steel, or glass. We have produced walls in lots of other materials too which need more careful consideration. Other water walls have used Copper, Stone, Durat and Glass.

Tills Innovations outdoor water feature    Tills Innovations Holford Road Water Wall

The images above shows one of our glass water walls installed in Great Portland Street London and an elegant rolling wave in this integrated water wall within a clients house. Being 7m tall it flows from one floor to the next. It is worth noting that glass is very good and being used in situations where you can ‘see through’ the glass. The disturbed water flowing down the surface distorts the image and gives reference to the observer that the water is flowing and full effect of the patterns. It is reasonable to design a water wall to a certain size for logistics, after which we would look to make it in multiple panels

The images above are what Tills Innovations see as the future of water walls. Creating amazing effects, these mesh water walls can be offered in bespoke sizes and due to the engineered design Tills can produce very large pieces, where once before they would not viable. This enables us to bring not only a new design of water wall but also big water walls at the same time. Please call for more information.

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