Commercial Water Feature Design

Commercial Water Feature Design

Commercial Water Feature & Fountain Design

Tills Innovations commercial water features and fountains are becoming more prevalent in the public realm and those developments which are looking to set new standards. Fountains or any other artistic water display can offer what no other can, movement and sound. A water feature to the right design is able to extend the luxury of a residential development, or prestigious name of a corporate company.

Whilst a building or landscape can be interesting in its shape, materials, colours, setting, they all tend to be static in the dimension they offer. A water feature or fountains offer movement and this catches interest whilst walking by. The beauty of water and the diverse materials that can be used together means that water features and fountains offer a huge and diverse attraction. They can be energetic fountains coming out of the ground with complicated animation, or simple mirror pools that reflect the sky. Water can be clear, still and look like glass, or white water giving a dense foam effect. Water can be used with stone, glass, stainless steel and lots of other materials. The sound can be quiet, loud, trickling, rippling, crashing or a mixture of sounds.

This huge divisibility means that there are no particular water feature designs and that every project has its design around what’s right for that building, development, setting and use.

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