Water Feature & Fountain Concept To Installation

water feature concept to installation

Bespoke Water Feature & Fountain Concepts

Tills Innovations are water feature and fountain specialists dedicated to guiding our clients through the world of water features and fountains.
Please call us. We to want to develop designs that excite you, fulfill your aspirations and equally as important, technically engineered designs that work, with consideration of maintenance.

Clients often focus on the bespoke water feature design looking beautiful without considering the importance of maintenance within the design. This is where a good water feature & fountain design excels. It’s also where Tills Innovations as water feature & fountain specialists excel. We do not believe in designing a water feature or fountain that after the day of switch on is difficult to maintain and deteriorates. We take pride in creating a beautiful design that has the technical engineering to ensure the water feature or fountain continues to look at its best after completion.

Agreeing the water feature concept and final design

Firstly we will provide visuals of similar work created by Tills Innovations in line with your brief to provide a starting point. We then discuss the design and how to produce the perfect water feature to suit your requirements. Once the general design and budget prices are agreed we offer full detailed quotations of the final design enabling you to place an order. This service is free of charge.

Detailed design and project management

Once the final design and quotation is agreed, on receipt of the order we then start to develop the design in more detail. We lease with the main contractor, landscaper or the private client; whoever is appointed.

Depending on the complexity of the water feature detailed CAD drawings are provided for approval and we work with all the other subcontractors involved to bring the whole project together. This may involve the M&E consultants, building contractor and client. To deliver the water feature as cost effectively as possible we work with the main contractors sub contractors for the general builders trades.
The water feature is project managed by Tills Innovations. The same person who quotes the water feature will be involved in the design and also the installation ensuring seamless communication and the right end result.

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Manufacture and Installation of the water feature or fountain

Once the detailed design is approved we then produce in house CAD drawings to manufacture the various elements on the design. This may be steel, glass, stone, recycled products. In addition to the manufacture of the water feature display or artwork, we will also carry out the detailed engineering of the pumping system and the various optional water conditioning systems.

The water conditioning systems we offer are very important to maintaining the beauty of a water feature as it was when first turned on. Tills Innovations take pride in producing water features and fountains that are fabulous in design but also meet our high expectations of being able to maintain it.

We believe Tills Innovations are the only water feature specialist in the UK to offer our comprehensive water conditioning systems at the prices we offer.

Once the water feature has been manufactured off site and all the various parts are together we then carry out the installation of the water feature. During the installation all pipe work is pressure tested. Once installed the water feature is fully commissioned.
After commissioning a specifically written operation and maintenance manual is provided for each water feature.

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Water Feature and Fountain Maintenance

The specifically written manual when followed will ensure the water feature looks at its best for years to come.

To embellish what we design Tills Innovations offer maintenance contracts on our water features and fountains. Our clients look after the day to day operation and maintenance and we then carry out a 3 month thorough overhaul, bringing it back to new.

If you need our services at any time we are at the end of the phone and here to assist.

Office: 01284 787 479

Mike Tillett: 07900 432 776

Steve Tillett: 07769 680 757

Bespoke water feature and fountain concept to installation by Tills Innovations the UK’s leading water feature specialists.

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