Garden Maze of Fountains

Multiple Garden Fountains

This multiple garden fountain was designed and installed by Tills Innovations as part of a new property development. Working with a world-renowned garden landscape designer the 15 fountains were integrated into the hard and gardens soft landscape. Due to the minimalist design it was key for us to create the fountains with as little pipe work on show as possible. To achieve this the entire pressure pipe work was installed, tested and incorporated within the concrete base of the water rills and around the substructure of the garden.

The elegant look of the fountains were created with simplicity in mind, to the point where only the small architectural brass nozzles could be seen protruding the surface of the water. As the multiple fountains dance they provide an ever changing sound. These fountains were not only beautiful but benefited an important part of the brief to mask the sound of the traffic that passed near by as you relaxed in the garden.

Although the effect was simple and worked so well with the whole property design, what laid beneath was far more sophisticated. Putting the water effect to one side Tills Innovations take great pride in ensuring a water feature is designed to look good for years to come. As part of this vision a bespoke automatic water top up, automated chemical dosing and filtration system was designed and installed in a plant chamber housed in the hard landscaping of the garden. This comprehensive system with a manifold enabling all fountains to be height adjustable means that the water feature can look as good as it did when it was first turned on with the flexibility to change the fountains for different effects.

Bronze Infinity Hemisphere Sculpture Fountain

Bronze Infinity Garden Water Feature

This water sculpture commissioned for a client in London has many attributes that makes it a stunning garden water sculpture. In part it’s the simplicity of design. In others it’s the honesty of how the bronze ages over time. Both of which work in harmony with the simple mirror effect of the water within the bowl.

The inner trumpet mouth gathers the water creating the mirror effect as it flows into the center of the water sculpture. The inner bowl is black giving depth to the water and a look of infinity. This contributes to the stunning mirror effect.

The patination of the bronze sculpture gives the wonderful verdigris effect that can be seen in the picture. This sculpture is ever changing and is totally timeless within the garden. The overall sculpture is around 1m in diameter.

Tills innovations are passionate about ensuring their water features and fountains continue to look at their best. This particular water feature has pump cut off in case of low water, uv sterilisation and particulate filtration with easy access within the garden. Tills innovations carried out the total design and installation within London.

Bespoke Geometric Stone Fountain

Concentric Circle Monolithic Garden Fountain

This fountain for a private client in London has different elements to it design. Some of which are to give more depth to the composed piece and others for functionality. The water feature uses natural slate as the chosen material with multiple fountains. The fountains are small and controlled whilst giving a little drama to the overall effect. Subtle concentric waves of water emulate from the fountain give another dimension. As a third effect the water runs over the entire surface of the stone and disappears to create an infinity appearance and shimmers down the long side connecting the two levels of the garden. To fully connect the two areas of the garden, one of the stones has no water running on it and provides a stepping stone transition.

Bespoke Vertical S Stainless Steel Water Wall

Bespoke Vertical S Waterwall

This bespoke stainless steel water feature brings sculpture and water together. The bespoke piece commissioned for the University of Exeter has water flowing down both the front and back of the water feature.

Due to the shape of the sculpture, the water flows back on its self at certain points giving interest as it appears to defy gravity.

This is one of two sculptures that Tills Innovations have commissioned for the University which has a large collection of sculpture within the grounds.

Copper Garden Water Wall

Bespoke Garden Water Wall

Working with a garden designer in London Tills Innovations manufactured this bespoke copper water wall. The feature was design to be supplied so the landscapers could install it themselves in the garden. As the water wall was made in copper it will age over time and also copper works as an algaecide.

The wall of water sits against the boundary wall and the water flows down the wall into the pool at the base. The pump system sits at the base of the wall of water along with the associated pipe work.

Exeter University Large Bespoke Stainless Steel Water Wall

Simple Design Commercial Stainless Steel Water Wall

Water feature specialists Tills Innovations have been commissioned to design and build a bespoke water wall for the University of Exeter as part of a building renovation. The grade II listed building required detail consideration when developing this simple elegant water wall. The limestone wall that the feature sits up against is also listed and the foundations encroached the reservoir. A bespoke reservoir was designed so that the wall and its foundations were not compromised.

The feature was installed and commissioned by Tills Innovations before being handed over to the client. A specifically written operation and maintenance manual for the water feature is provided on every water feature and fountain and in this case was operated with one of our manual chemical dosing systems.

Natural Stone Textured Water Wall

Textured stone water wall seat

A stone water wall with a difference. The client on this project came to us with the wish of a seat that could turn into a water feature. Not a request we have had before but is the type of project we specialise in.

The design needed to be such that it appeared to be an interesting retaining wall that acted as a bench but could also turn into a water feature. To create this we manufactured bespoke stainless steel systems that were housed within the stone at the top of the wall and catchment tanks that sat at the base. A balancing tank with filtration was fitted to polish the water.

The stone system used was a brick effect which made an interesting sound as the water trickled down the surface. With any textured stone you will have splash so the paved area in front of the water wall had a fall back towards the base catchment tank. The stone coping was made in slate to set off the brick style wall.

Recycled Durat Water Wall – Penthouse Courtyard


Stainless Steel Water Feature

Textured Stone Water Wall with Mirror Pools

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