Near Future Garden Water Feature

Hampton Court Flower Show Vortex Water Feature – Near Future Garden


Vortex Water Feature hampton court flower show 2016

Vortex Water Feature hampton court flower show 2016


Water Feature Specialists, Tills Innovations have triumphed again, designing and engineering a water feature for Gold Award garden ‘Near Future Garden’ at Hampton Court Flower Show 2016. Not having created a water feature for Hampton Court Flower Show for a number of years it was a delight to go back again.

Having demonstrated our talent to Diamond Hill Garden Design before, Arit contacted us with a sketch and brief. “To make oil look like it is pouring into the earth with a vortex please!”

Tills had already created the stunning Volute water feature; a variant on this design would be the key to this success. With the use of black dye the water would take on the persona of oil, give reflections and maximize the movement and character of this water feature design. Once the crucial hydraulics and water introduction system had been designed, the next stage would be to push our expertise….. tweeking the detail, movement and energy of the water to embellish the design ethos that the Near Future Garden was all about, ‘Climate Change’, fossil fuels pouring into the ground.

Once complete Diamond Hill garden design visited our works to see the water feature under test. It was perfect and captured just what the Near future garden is all about.

Please visit the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2016 website to see the whole story of the Near Future Garden.

Garden Maze of Fountains

Multiple Garden Fountains

This multiple garden fountain was designed and installed by Tills Innovations as part of a new property development. Working with a world-renowned garden landscape designer the 15 fountains were integrated into the hard and gardens soft landscape. Due to the minimalist design it was key for us to create the fountains with as little pipe work on show as possible. To achieve this the entire pressure pipe work was installed, tested and incorporated within the concrete base of the water rills and around the substructure of the garden.

The elegant look of the fountains were created with simplicity in mind, to the point where only the small architectural brass nozzles could be seen protruding the surface of the water. As the multiple fountains dance they provide an ever changing sound. These fountains were not only beautiful but benefited an important part of the brief to mask the sound of the traffic that passed near by as you relaxed in the garden.

Although the effect was simple and worked so well with the whole property design, what laid beneath was far more sophisticated. Putting the water effect to one side Tills Innovations take great pride in ensuring a water feature is designed to look good for years to come. As part of this vision a bespoke automatic water top up, automated chemical dosing and filtration system was designed and installed in a plant chamber housed in the hard landscaping of the garden. This comprehensive system with a manifold enabling all fountains to be height adjustable means that the water feature can look as good as it did when it was first turned on with the flexibility to change the fountains for different effects.

Wynyard Hall Rill Cascade

Wynyard Hall Rill Cascade and Fountains

Stretching across the new rose garden at Wynyard Hall are four circular pools with fountains and two long rill cascades. The garden which is part of a larger dream of Sir John Hall who owns Wynyard Hall was designed by multi award winning RHS architect Alistair Baldwin.
As the water element in the garden is very significant and forms an integral part of the design, a water feature specialist was needed to realise what was on paper. With multiple pools, fountains and different levels, the required knowledge of creating a large scale commercial water features with all the experience of water conditioning systems and fountain hydraulics was required. Tills Innovations Ltd were the preferred choice.
Working from the outset with both the architect and the landscaper, Swinburne Horticultural Services the water features were created.
More details will be added to the site as a case study in the future.

Bronze Infinity Hemisphere Sculpture Fountain

Bronze Infinity Garden Water Feature

This water sculpture commissioned for a client in London has many attributes that makes it a stunning garden water sculpture. In part it’s the simplicity of design. In others it’s the honesty of how the bronze ages over time. Both of which work in harmony with the simple mirror effect of the water within the bowl.

The inner trumpet mouth gathers the water creating the mirror effect as it flows into the center of the water sculpture. The inner bowl is black giving depth to the water and a look of infinity. This contributes to the stunning mirror effect.

The patination of the bronze sculpture gives the wonderful verdigris effect that can be seen in the picture. This sculpture is ever changing and is totally timeless within the garden. The overall sculpture is around 1m in diameter.

Tills innovations are passionate about ensuring their water features and fountains continue to look at their best. This particular water feature has pump cut off in case of low water, uv sterilisation and particulate filtration with easy access within the garden. Tills innovations carried out the total design and installation within London.

Bespoke Geometric Stone Fountain

Concentric Circle Monolithic Garden Fountain

This fountain for a private client in London has different elements to it design. Some of which are to give more depth to the composed piece and others for functionality. The water feature uses natural slate as the chosen material with multiple fountains. The fountains are small and controlled whilst giving a little drama to the overall effect. Subtle concentric waves of water emulate from the fountain give another dimension. As a third effect the water runs over the entire surface of the stone and disappears to create an infinity appearance and shimmers down the long side connecting the two levels of the garden. To fully connect the two areas of the garden, one of the stones has no water running on it and provides a stepping stone transition.

Commercial Dry Plaza Style Fountains

Commercial Fountain Design

Based on the dry plaza fountain design, this black granite monolithic fountain has been created by water feature specialist Tills Innovations.

The multiple fountain design is situated at the University of Nottingham in an open space area enjoyed by academics and the public as they stroll by. The design of the commercial fountains uses both natural stone and water movement to enhance the Chinese study building beside.

As an alternative to mirror or reflection pools, the fountain design has a number of simple bubbling fountains, each of which create beautiful concentric circles of rippling water, merging and competing one another. The solid structure gives the fountain a bold presence and to embrace this the fountain design has an infinity water wall effect around the outside.

As part of our complete water feature and fountain services we carry out a maintenance contract on the fountains.

Carved Bespoke Stone Fountain Sculpture

Turning Circle Fountain Water Feature

Water Feature Specialists Tills Innovations were employed to work with sculptor Harry Gray and create this stone fountain. The unique piece sits on the driveway of a client in Cambridgeshire. The eye catching fountains and the sound draws you to the entrance of this fabulous Grade II listed property. The client is a devoted cricket player and was keen to exploit his love of the sport within this water sculpture. The overall sculpture is dominate within the drive but the reference to the sport is subtle yet comical with the cricket stumps produced by fountains at each end of the feature.

The fountains are simple and produce glass like columns of water that dance in a shallow pool of water. The fountains are created with solid brass nozzles that only just sit above the water line ensuring the water takes full effect. Two types of stone was used by Harry Gray to create the stone sculpture. Dark slate was carved in sections to produce a shallow pool of water that the fountains danced within. This pool once full of water flowed over an infinity edge into a concealed pool below. The water element was then framed in the bold Portland stone around the outside.

The partnership between Tills as the water feature specialists and Harry Gray as the sculptor meant everyone worked very closely to bring the whole water feature together. As part of the fountain conditioning a remote plant chamber outside the drive way was created that housed the pumps, filtration, water top up and UV sterilisation.

Tills carry out service contracts on water features and fountains where the client requires and was provided with this particular water sculpture.

London Metropolitan Hotel Fountain

Mirror Pool Water Feature

A very effective water feature. The mirror pool, sometimes referred to as an infinity pool is very simple in design, which in the right design is the perfect choice. A minimalistic design can demand more detailed engineering to look at its best, both in its overall appearance and consideration of maintenance. With less dynamics to the water feature, i.e. no fountains, expanses of textured material you require a design that has nothing but water.

This design has the beauty of both. One mode had small ripple fountains and the other was a still mirror effect. The key to creating this effect to the highest detail is having an infinity edge all around the outside to skim and polish the water, a unique black dye is added to give depth to the water. Not being able to see through the water, your eyes are focused on the surface reflection which will pick out the surrounding landscape. The polishing of the water which removes all the dust and pollen adding to this impressive design.

As with all of Tills innovations designs, consideration to maintenance is very important. Your only half way through the design when you have an engineered solution which creates the effect you’re after. Its the engineering that offers easy maintenance that’s important. Only too often you see nice water features which look good when turned on for the first time but is not manageable for the long term. Engineering a design that has easy maintenance without compromising the overall look is where the challenge really begins. Its this skill that makes Tills innovations stand out as the preferred choice with many of our clients.

Contemporary Stone Water Feature

Contemporary Roof Terrace Waterfall

Using polished black granite to form the background of the water fall and also to clad around the reservoir created a clean lined water feature. The bespoke water chute was made to create a sheet of water that was transparent complementing the mirror effect of the stone. The water feature situated on a garden roof terrace in London was designed and installed by water feature specialists Tills Innovations. Due to it being fitted on the roof top the feature was designed so it could be carried in parts the patio area.

Tills Innovations supplied the complete water feature package including the pump system and installation as part of a landscape designers package.

Free Standing Dual Sided Stainless Steel Water Wall with Fountains

Custom made commercial water wall with fountains

A prestigious housing development in London required a custom made stainless steel water wall for their show home entrance. Working with a landscaper / designer, water feature specialists Tills Innovations created the commercial water feature. Due to the quick turn around required the water feature and fountains were engineered and built off site and then installed on site in a very tight time frame.

The custom made piece has water running down the front and back of the stainless steel wall for dual aspect. To gain additional focal interest and branding of the development the water wall has a sleek black logo and 3D stainless steel shield. For increased drama and impact the water wall has two commercial style aerated fountains. The pump system for the water feature has level switches for low level protection.

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