About Tills Innovations – UK Water Feature Specialists

About Tills Innovations Water Feature Specialists

The catalyst to forming Tills Innovations appeared in the guise of the restoration of Mike’s 200 year old cottage. Mike hit upon the great idea of introducing a natural yet contemporary stream water feature into the garden but when it came to sourcing the appropriate supplier to deliver the dream, he drew a blank. Unable to find a suitable company to take on the challenge of crafting a piece of natural stone to create the contemporary water fall feature, Mike with his brother Steve discussed the best way to tackle the project.

The resulting water feature drew so many favorable comments from friends and family that we quickly found ourselves with a handful of commissions to make additional features each presenting a variation on the original theme. It was at this point that we realized an opportunity clearly existed to create unique products for the garden which are tailor-made to meet the discerning requirements of individual customers. In 2000 Water Feature Specialists Tills Innovations was born.

Mike’s background is in Electrical & Mechanical engineering where he spent seven years working for the leading global manufacturer of advanced Turbine Compressor and power generation control safety systems in hazardous areas. Those years proved an excellent training ground for honing his skills at listening to customer’s detailed requirements and then developing bespoke solutions in response to the technical challenge.

Moving within the company to commercial sales and managerial positions enabled an understanding of overall business operations which represents a core role element Mike has in Tills Innovations today along with his devotion to applying his creative design skills to technically challenged solutions through the sales process and installations on site.

Steve comes from a mechanical engineering background that allowed him to gain knowledge to diagnose problems & engineer, design, manufacture & implementation of the solution in a variety of industries. These skills have been refined over many years, and the opportunity to explore his creative prowess, whilst applying his proven technical expertise has allowed Steve to push Tills Innovations to enable increasingly complex projects to be taken on with amazing results. The ability to see projects from the infant quotation process through to the commissioning of bespoke designs provides the passion that Steve strives for.

Office: 01284 787 479

Mike Tillett: 07900 432 776

Steve Tillett: 07769 680 757

About Tills Innovations; the UK water feature specialists.

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